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Monbulk   3793    Victoria

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Jindabyne Nursery Monbulk Little Gem Magnolia.

Jindabyne Nursery is situated in Monbulk. A wholesale nursery which targets the retail industry

"Specialising in the propagation of Grandiflora Magnolia Little Gem".

Little Gem Magnolia is an evergreen plant with dense dark glossy leaves one side and brown velvet on the other side. It makes a dramatic screening plant and produces beautiful white creamy flowers through summer and autumn. When established it is very hardy.

Grandiflora Magnolia Exmouth



Sold in a 3” Pot

Available: Oct & Nov

Usually  grown for a larger feature tree.   Has a bigger leaf than the little gem magnolia

Daphne Plants

Daphnes are grown for their beautiful and intensity fragrant blooms. Best planted near paths and doorways or at the front of borders where it is easy to enjoy their fragrance when in flower.

Foliage Supply


Months when available:

Smoke Bush - February

Orange Ginger – February & March

Laurel – February & March

Purple Flax – February to September

(8 months of the year)

Figs – February,  March & April

Little Gem Magnolia – April to September

(6months of the year)

Grandi Magnolia – April to September  

(6 months of the year)

Variegated Dogwood - April

Hydrangea – Various Colours – May to December

(8 months of the year)

Corokia – June & July

Red, Yellow, and Black Stick – July

Daphanie – Pink and White – August

Magnolia Vulcan- August

Snowball Viburnam – October

Dogwood Florida  -  November

Viburnam Notcuts – December

We grow foliage all year round with lots of different variety to suit each season.