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Grandiflora Magnolia - Little Gem - Exmouth - Daphne - Foilage

Jindabyne Nursery is situated in Monbulk. A wholesale nursery which targets the retail industry
"Specialising in the propagation of Grandiflora Magnolia Little Gem". We give a beautiful start to a magnificent plant.
Supplying local and interstate customers.
Our foilage consist of Purple Flax, Vertigated Dogwood, Hydrangea, Camelia, Corokia, Viburnum Notcuts, Snowball Viburnum, Grandi and Little Gem Magnolia, Figs, Laurel, Smoke Bush and Orange Ginger.
Now incorporating Citrus Fruit Plant Growers.

New wholesalers and orders are always welcome please contact us with your enquiry.

Citrus Fruit Plants
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Citrus Fruit Plant Growers

Jindabyne Nursery Monbulk is extending their range of Citrus Fruit Plants.
These will be available on request.
▶︎ Lime Fruit Plants

▶︎ Lemon Fruit Plants

▶︎ Mandarin Fruit plants

▶︎ Orange Fruit Plants and varieties of the range
                              Don't hesitate to enquire or place your order!

Magnolia Grandiflora - Little Gem
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Magnolia Grandiflora - Little Gem

Little Gem Magnolia can be grown for decorative patio pots, garden beds or large hedging borders. A semi-dwarf selection of the evergreen Magnolia. Little Gem features glossy leaves which are green above and rusty red beneath.

In summer an abundance of large, perfumed, creamy-white flowers are produced.

A versatile plant used for informal screens.

Exmouth magnolia
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Magnolia Grandiflora - Exmouth

Magnolia Grandiflora Exmouth is notable for its huge flowers, Magnolia Exmouth with up to 20 tepals, and vigorous growth. Erect in habit, it is often planted against walls. The leaves are green above and brownish underneath. The flowers are very fragrant and the leaves are narrow and leathery. A larger variety than magnolia little gem. Possible to grow to 12mtrs in height and 5mtrs wide. An excellent plant to have in the garden.

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Daphnes are grown for their beautiful and intensely fragrant blooms which are usually produced in winter or spring. They are best planted near paths and doorways or at the front of borders where it is easy to enjoy their heady fragrance when in flower. Some have attractive foliage or berries as well.

Foliage Sales
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Foliage Sales

Our Foliage range includes plants such as Magnolia, Vertigated Dogwood, Purple Flax, Hydrangea, Magnolia Vulcan, Camelia. Corokia, Figs, Smoke Bush, Orange Ginger, Laurel, Daphne, Snowball Viburnum, Dogwood Florida and Viburnum Notcuts. For more information on our stock and supply contact us.

Jindabyne Nursery Tunnel
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About Jindabyne Nursery

Jindabyne Nursery is situated at Monbulk and covers 20 acres in the pristine Yarra Valley Ranges which provides the base for both natural flora and prosperous growth.

Magnolia Pruning
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Magnolia Pruning Advice for Gardeners

Information and details on caring for your Magnolia, if no pruning or care has been taken. This video is to show how to get your trees looking great again. General pruning is necessary with hedge trimmers and general gardening tools.

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