Jindabyne Nursery Foliage Supply.

We are the backbone for the floral industry, growing a range of foliage over all seasons.
We cover a range of different items to most seasonal growing. Freshly cut on a daily basis to order, we strive to give the greatest of quality. Suppling to wholesale and retail business, all new customers are welcome, pending on available stock


Months when available:

Smoke Bush - February
Mock Orange.
Purple Beech.
Laurel – February & March
Purple Flax – February to September – (8 months of the year)
Figs – February, March & April
Little Gem Magnolia – April to September (6months of the year)
Grandi Magnolia – April to September (6 months of the year)
Variegated Dogwood - April
Corokia – June & July
Red, Yellow, and Black Stick – July
Daphanie – Pink and White – August
Snowball Viburnam – October
Dogwood Florida - November
Viburnam Notcuts – December
We grow foliage all year round with lots of different variety to suit each season.
Click on the foliage for an expanded view. Call for bulk orders